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What is a bleed?

If you’ve ever submitted files for print, you’ve probably heard the term “bleed”. Not quite sure what it means? Understanding this simple concept will help insure that your documents are printed as you intended.

Flyer without BleedFlyer with Bleed

A “bleed” refers to print elements (images, backgrounds, etc.) which extend beyond the trim area of a printed piece. It allows a printer to trim the document to its exact size without any danger of white space showing up along the edges of the piece. Slight shifting can occur during printing as a result of paper, printing, or trimming variance. We recommend a minimum of 1/8’’ bleed on all edges of the artwork. Remember, any artwork which extends into the bleed area will be trimmed away! You will want to make sure no text or other critical content extends into the bleed area of your document.

What Is a Bleed - Examples
For a complete illustrated example of how to set up your artwork with a bleed, download a free digital copy of our “What Is a Bleed?” tutorial. It includes a complete example of an 8.5×11 flyer correctly placed within a design template.

Before you begin designing your next print project, visit to download a free design template!